CARMEX Original Lip Balm Review

Product Description: Generations have relied on our hardworking original lip balm formula.

  • Soothes dry, chapped lips 
  • Creates a long-lasting water barrier with petrolatum, which acts like a bandage so healing can take place
  • Contains lanolin, which mimics the way your skin naturally retains moisture
  • Provides cooling pain relief with camphor and menthol


Price: INR 350 (7.5 g) or INR 550 (15 g)

Our Take: I am a big time lip balm junkie. I think I have one lip balm everywhere (each bag, bedside table, office desk, bathroom shelf and the list goes on..). I have tried lip balms from lakme to kiehls. I do love some of them but I think my favourite lip balm has to be the Carmex one. I have fairly dry lips and I also have a bad habit of peeling chapped lips^^’ . I know, I know it is very bad but it kind of gives me some pleasure😛. So, to keep myself away from peeling them, I keep on applying layers of lip balm.


The Carmex Original Lip Balm comes in a tub packaging with white base and yellow lid. It is a simple packaging with everything printed on the lid itself. I, somehow, don’t like the packaging, because, firstly, tub packaging? Wash your hands every time before dipping your fingers and then wash them again after you have dipped *hardwork*. And, secondly, the packaging looks a little medicinal to me. It could have been a little better, I guess!! But these come in tube packaging too (subject to availability in India😦 )

Coming to how the lip balm works, it is amazing. It treats my dry lips like no other and does not leave them chapped afterwards like all petroleum gel based lip balms do! It has a cooling sensation once applied (because of camphor) and smells strongly of menthol, which does not linger on for long!! It moisturises my lips very well and stays on for good three to four hours. It has made my lips soft after regular application. I have never tried it with a lipstick above, so cant comment on the longevity, but I guess we should not use a lip balm with a lipstick anyways. It is very light weight and has no color in it (as you can see on my hand😛 )


It dries to a semi-matte finish❤ which is a added bonus for me as I am not fond of gloss😕. The lip balm comes in three variants – original, strawberry and cherry. I picked up the original one but as soon as it gets over I might try strawberry too😛 . The lip balm has a SPF of 15, so it is great for summers too! It is not easily available in shops but can be found on online shopping sites.

Overall, I really like this lip balm and would definitely recommend it to everyone who would like to pamper their lips. Hope you like this review.

You can buy it in India here .




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